Rigorous Auditing Standards, Dictations & More

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SMB understands that radiologists and diagnostic radiology billing require specialized training and knowledge of codes to ensure accurate coding each time, just like billing in any other practice. At SMB, we keep track of billing and coding processes, as ineffective billing would adversely affect the practice's income and stability. We ensure that the payments entitled to the practitioners are supported by sufficient documentation to successfully pass audit checks.

At SMB, we understand the importance of the accurate description of the service performed – also known as dictations. The dictation needs are becoming a standard increasingly to meet accuracy rates. To keep billing error-free, SMB is up to date with accurate verbiage. This helps eliminate the risks of costly appeals. Using the right verbiage also reduces the man-hours spent researching for additional information long after the procedure or test is performed.

Our certified coders and medical billing specialists benefit radiologists and imaging companies to capitalize on revenue along with delivering contracting and credentialing services. Our services to imaging practices have given our clients the confidence to understand their patient illness rather than be trapped with documentation and revenue.

Imaging it right!

Complex. Cumulative. Simplified.

A billing partner who understands the intricacies of coding and practice-specific nuances is essential for any practice specializing in Neurology & Neurosurgery. SMB's Neurology clients appreciate our billing and coding expertise that cater to their unique needs. They look to our expert advice when updating billing processes to represent current advancements in their pioneering specialty. SMB, with its knowledge and extensive connections with hospitals as well as insurers, helps net 100% of your claims.

We are very driven to dynamically follow every claim. In fact, at SMB, we believe that our clients need to be paid, and we won't rest until that happens, which is a guarantee that our clients get the most for their investment.

We understand that billing regulations and recommendations are continually altering for professionals delivering neurologic care. Whether it's knowledge of the most recent ruling from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) on eliminating consultation billing or when to use the extended monitoring EEG (Electroencephalography) CPT® codes, SMB takes care of all aspects. We are known for our correct, timely invoicing and persistent collections follow-up. SMB customizes services, reports, and techniques of management to be suitable for your practice and patients.

We make sense.

Healers. Coders. Unit

Invoices and payment collection are an inevitable part of the successful practice - with that come to the hassles and engaging resources necessary to successfully navigate the revenue billing and insurance claims. The process, if not done correctly, can be very time-consuming and risky. At SMB, we understand this vital part of the practice, and our dedicated team handles all aspects of your medical revenue billing needs, including:

  • Processing charges
  • Submitting claims
  • Sending patient statements
  • Follow up on accounts receivables
  • Answer patient billing questions
  • Software training and consulting
  • Provider coding education
  • Fee schedule modifications
  • Industry awareness
  • Monthly analysis and reports
  • Appeals
  • Start-up practice guidance
  • Aggressive follow up on collections
  • Comprehensive Insurance Claim Follow-up
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Claims denial management

We work with our orthopedic practitioners to design a seamless, cost-efficient plan to handle all the practice's billing and insurance claims. The advantage of partnering with us and utilizing our full-service medical revenue billing services is boosting practice productivity and efficiency while streamlining the administrative and personnel costs involved with handling the revenue billing and claims process in-house, including staff, postage, and telephone expenses. Let us help you concentrate on your patients and developments in the latest orthopedic advancements. Let us help you become hassle-free practice.

Let us tackle your aches and pains!

Analytical. Assertive. Accurate.

At SMB, we understand that perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by podiatrists is convincing insurance companies that the procedures performed are essential for patient safety and comfort. The solution to this challenge is presenting exact podiatry medical billing and coding procedures, which would properly identify the exact treatment as well as the part of the body it covers.

To this end, we have ensured that we are well-versed with podiatry-related medical terminologies such as foot radiological examination, foot care-routine, treatment of keratotic lesions, incision, and drainage of abscess of the foot, fungal cultures of toenail clippings, treatment of warts on foot by paring or curettement, avulsion or excision of toenail plate and debridement services. This way, we are precise when billing any claim; thus, our claims have low rejection rates compared to other firms. We, at SMB, focus on a proactive, economic, revenue-generating medical billing, coding submission, and realization solution. We cater to each podiatry practice based on their specific, unique needs.

Our medical coders have expertise in advanced technologies and multiple coding software and are AAPC certified and have comprehensive knowledge in the latest CPT codes, HCPCS codes, ICD-10 codes, Medicare guidelines, RBRVS Values, modifiers, CCI Edits, Local Medicare Review Policies as well as Evaluation and Management guidelines.

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Experts in the coding of pulmonology procedures are of primary importance, and SMB's staff is the best in the industry. We take care of every aspect, including office procedures, visits, and hospital procedures for pulmonary. In the case of almost all fields of practice, insurance companies are billed by healthcare providers for certain healthcare services and procedures. Procedures and diagnoses have their own unique codes so that health management organizations (HMOs) can differentiate between the two and bill them differently.

Procedures have a coding method fixed by the ICD-10, which employs a structure of seven alphanumeric characters to match various features of the procedure, which indicate the specifications of that procedure. The characters change from specialty to specialty, but the essential pattern and order do not change. Thus, there is an organized and streamlined method to billing for specific procedures across the board that lets insurance companies be billed correctly for any procedures performed on a patient. However, when it comes to pulmonary doctors, mistakes with ICD-10 coding can mean losses of tens of thousands of dollars.

We at SMB understand these intricate details and work with your pulmonary practice to increase revenue and efficiencies at the practice.

Take a Deep Breath... We make it Right!

One of the most demanding fields of work is Pain management. Physicians need to focus on different approaches that work for different patients, as each patient’s problem is unique and needs a unique treatment and understanding. In other words, to effectuate a successful practice, most pain care doctors need a trustworthy partner who ensures appropriate payment for mind and body therapies, counseling, anesthesia, and much more. At SMB, we can confidently say that we have the expertise and experience to present precise claims and augment your reimbursements. Essentially, we keep track of the latest procedures and norms and provide you with the medical billing and coding solutions that help you to navigate through the ever-changing rules of government and private insurance.

Our exclusive pain care management billing experts provide the following services:

  • Patient enrollment and collections
  • Insurance verifications and authorization
  • Pain management coding
  • Payment posting and reconciliation of accounts
  • Accounts receivable management

SMB’s HIPAA compliant medical billing company provides affordable pain management billing solutions. Our team of experienced AAPC-certified medical coders, billing specialists, and quality control personnel focus on:

  • Reduced denials
  • Increased clean claim rate
  • Decrease days in AR
  • Compliance with payer rules
  • Improved bottom line
  • Reduced administrative burdens

In addition, we ensure complete transparency with business analytics and timely reports to keep you posted on progress.

Managing Billing Pains!

Rehabilitation billing is straightforward that involves the charges for rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation treatments and therapies are usually done over a period. Despite being a straightforward billing practice, Rehabilitation billing has always been subject to multiple audits due to the nature of the services. Issues of scam and non-compliance are general problems and account for many inopportune claims and undue payments. A huge part of rehabilitation claims is paid directly to the physicians, therefore increasing the potential for being incorrectly coded and incorrectly billed to the payer or the insurer.

We can manage the entire billing cycle from patient enrolment, eligibility verification, payment posting, and claim submission to A/R collection and payer follow-up. Our services cover:

  • Review of all charges for completeness and accuracy
  • Double-checking and scrubbing of claims prior to submission
  • Identifying and handling secondary balances and patient responsibility
  • Complete claim and AR follow-up
  • Special focus on denied claims
  • Timely and Accurate Coding Services

With us, you can be assured that there is maximum reimbursement and minimal denials. We assure a reduced operational cost with savings of 30-40% as well as reduced insurance errors. We conduct regular QA checks and provide customized weekly and monthly reports.

We are your haven!

At the core of SMB, we believe that medical billing services should eventually increase reimbursement. We are a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company that will make the practice more profitable. We will increase receivables and decrease expenses. We check the coding versus the Medicare guidelines, inform the carrier if that procedure isn’t bundled, and bill for each procedure separately. We can do this as we know specific to medical billing surgery issues.

We know the most recent Medicare regulations and changing policies and are ready to deal with surgeons' complex medical coding and billing. There are states and numerous CPT codes to cope with to submit claims accurately. Depending on the practice, we itemize ASC processes together with bills for office services and hospital visits. Our team possesses the knowledge vital to ensure that your operation practice will sustain reliable cash flow while increasing collection rates.

We understand the correct use of modifier codes will determine if a practice gets paid or not. With an average of ten years at medical billing, our executives use their knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up. That is the reason our adjustment rate is consistently lower. At SMB, we achieve A/R rates for our practices that are higher than the industry average.

Cut Risks with Us!

Specialized Medical Billing has been in the practice management business for a long period. We are aware of all the intricacies associated with each medical specialty. We have an expert team of coders, billing specialists, and managers proficient in their respective fields. They employ their expertise in the assigned medical field. We are well-known among our clients as being proactive and specialized. Other specialties we provide our specialized services include the following:

  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Urology
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Anesthesiology
  • General Surgery
  • EMS/Ambulance Billing