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At the core of SMB, we believe that medical billing service should eventually increase reimbursement. We are a HIPAA compliant medical billing company that will make the practice more profitable. We will increase receivables and decrease expenses. We can do this as we have knowledge specific to medical billing surgery issues. We check the coding versus the Medicare guidelines and inform the carrier if that procedure isn’t bundled and proceed to bill for each procedure separately.

We are aware most recent Medicare regulations and changing policies and are ready to deal complex medical coding and billing for surgeons. There are states and numerous CPT codes to cope with to accurately submitting claims. Depending on the practice, we itemize ASC processes together with bills for office services and hospital visits. Our team possess the knowledge vital to make sure reliable cashflow will be sustained by your operation practice, while increasing collection rates.

We understand the correct use of modifier codes will determine if a practice gets paid or not. Our executives, with an average of ten years at medical billing, use their knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up. That is the reason, our adjustment rate is consistently lower. At SMB, we achieve A/R rates for our practices that are higher than the industry average.

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