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Rehabilitation treatments and therapies are usually done over a period. Rehabilitation billing is straightforward that involves the charges for rehabilitation services. Despite being a simple and straightforward billing practice, Rehabilitation billing has always been subject for multiple audits due to the nature of the services. Issues of scam and non-compliance are general problems and accounts for many inopportune claims and undue payments. A huge part of rehabilitation claims is paid directly to the physicians, therefore increasing the potential for being incorrectly coded and incorrectly billed to the payer or the insurer.

We can manage the entire billing cycle from patient enrolment, eligibility verification, payment posting and claim submission to A/R collection and payer follow-up. Our services cover:

  • Review of all charges for completeness and accuracy
  • Double checking and scrubbing of claims prior to submission
  • Identifying and handling secondary balances and patient responsibility
  • Complete claim and AR follow-up
  • Special focus on denied claims
  • Timely and Accurate Coding Services

With us, you can be assured that there is maximum reimbursement and minimal denials. We assure a reduced operational cost with savings of 30-40% as well as reduced insurance errors. We conduct regular QA checks and provide customized weekly and monthly reports.

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