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Experts in the coding of pulmonology procedures are of primary importance and SMB’s staff is the best in the industry. We take care of every aspect, including office procedures, visits, and hospital procedures for pulmonary. In case of almost all fields of practice, insurance companies are billed by healthcare providers for certain healthcare services and procedures. Procedures and diagnoses have their own unique codes so that health management organizations (HMOs) can differentiate between the two and bill them differently.

Procedures have a coding method fixed by the ICD-10, which employs a structure of seven alphanumeric characters to match various features of the procedure, which indicate the specifications of that procedure. The characters change from specialty to specialty but the essential pattern and order do not change. Thus, there is an organized and streamlined method to billing for specific procedures across the board that lets insurance companies to be billed correctly for any procedures performed on a patient. However, when it comes to pulmonary doctors, mistakes with ICD-10 coding can mean losses of tens of thousands of dollars.

We, at SMB, understand these intricate details and work with your pulmonary practice to increase revenue and efficiencies at the practice.

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