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At SMB, we understand that perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by podiatrists is convincing insurance companies that the procedures performed are essential for patient safety and comfort. The solution to this challenge is presenting exact podiatry medical billing and coding procedures, which would properly identify the exact treatment as well as the part of the body it covers.

To this end, we have ensured that we are well-versed with podiatry-related medical terminology such as foot radiological examination, foot care-routine, treatment of keratotic lesions, incision, and drainage of abscess of the foot, fungal cultures of toenail clippings, treatment of warts on the foot by paring or curettement, avulsion or excision of toenail plate and debridement services. This way we are precise when billing any claim, thus our claims have low rejection rates compared to other firms. We, at SMB, focus on a proactive, economic, revenue-generating medical billing, coding submission and realization solution. We cater to each podiatry practice based on their specific, unique needs.

Our medical coders have expertise in advanced technologies and multiple coding software and are AAPC certified and have comprehensive knowledge in the latest CPT codes, HCPCS codes, ICD-10 codes, Medicare guidelines, RBRVS Values, modifiers, CCI Edits, Local Medicare Review Policies as well as Evaluation and Management guidelines.

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