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Invoices and payment collection are an inevitable part of a successful practice - with that come the hassles and engaging resources necessary to successfully navigate the revenue billing and insurance claims. The process, if not done correctly, can be very time consuming and risky. At SMB, we understand this vital part of the practice and our dedicated team handles all aspects of your medical revenue billing needs, including:

  • Processing charges
  • Submitting claims
  • Sending patient statements
  • Follow up on accounts receivables
  • Answer patient billing questions
  • Software training and consulting
  • Provider coding education
  • Fee schedule modifications
  • Industry awareness
  • Monthly analysis and reports
  • Appeals
  • Start-up practice guidance
  • Aggressive follow up on collections
  • Comprehensive Insurance Claim Follow-up
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Claims denial management

We work with our orthopedic practitioners to design a seamless, cost efficient plan to handle all the practice’s billing and insurance claims. The advantage of partnering with us and utilizing our full-service medical revenue billing services is boosting practice productivity and efficiency, while streamlining the administrative and personnel costs involved with handling the revenue billing and claims process in- house, including staff, postage, and telephone expenses. Let us help you concentrate on your patients and developments in latest orthopedic advancements. Let us help you become hassle-free practice.

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