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SMB understands that radiologists and diagnostic radiology billing requires specialized training and knowledge of codes to ensure accurate coding each time, just like billing in any other practice. At SMB, we keep track of billing and coding processes on track, as ineffective billing would adversely affect the practice’s income and stability. We ensure that the payments entitled to the practitioners are supported by sufficient documentation to successfully pass audit checks.

At SMB, we understand the importance of accurate description of the service performed – also known as dictations. the dictation needs are becoming increasingly a standard to meet accuracy rates. To keep billing error free, SMB is up to date with accurate verbiage. This helps eliminate risks of costly appeals. Using the right verbiage also reduces the man hours spent researching for additional information long after the procedure or test is performed.

Our certified coders and medical billing specialists benefit radiologists and imaging companies to capitalize on revenue along with delivering contracting and credentialing services. Our services to imaging practices have given our clients the confidence to understand their patient illness rather than be trapped with documentation and revenue.

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