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SMB has considerable experience in home health and hospice solutions. Our large repertoire of complete EHR software, revenue management services and advanced analytics are the reasons most home health and hospice service rely on us to figure their billing, coding, and analytics. We have a very robust reputation for excellent support while being competitive as well as affordable. We augment your clinical, financial, and administrative processes so your work becomes easier and smarter. We offer precise insights into your operations to drive performance and ensure success. We optimize billing by ensuring accurate claims and we are known for that.

Our technique to becoming leaders is guarding our clients against denials and take backs with our systematic and exhaustive home health documentation. Streamline care coordination with easy access to current patient information in one place for the whole care team so everyone is on the same page. We, at SMB, ensure regular, seamless clinical and regulatory updates. We have included home health- specific functionality and content for all disciplines which makes care plans easier to build. All patient information collected at one place for the whole care team so that everyone is in sync when it comes to providing the highest quality care.

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