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One field that can generate major increase in collection for any practice is Gastroenterology billing. However, lack of proper knowledge, deep expertise, and extensive experience in medical billing for a specialty field like gastroenterology leads to losses that amount to millions every year. The only way to make profits and stop rejected claims is partnering with medical billing company that is knowledgeable in the intricate rules applied by insurance companies to ascertain medical claims for gastroenterology.

At SMB, we understand the intricate rules and to do that we track underpayments. Our efforts to track underpayments have successfully garners at least 7 to 10% increase in revenue for our clients. Our ability and understanding to undertrack payments comes as part of our vast experience and interaction with our gastroenterology client. In fact, even for patients’ collection process, especially in a gastroenterology practice, is more complicated because of the larger patient balances often owed and the density of the procedures/EOBs that must be clarified to patients who do not understand their bills. We know how to deal with such situations. Our experience and knowledge base acts beneficial to any gastroenterology practice seeking to increase its revenue and reduce its risks of rejection because we have the expertise to deal with situations that are unique to this specialty.

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