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Acupuncture billing may perhaps be the trickiest of all specialty billing due to its continually altering codes and widespread variation in treatment from one clinic to another. In most cases, acupuncturists accept only pain-related diagnoses, but there are practitioners who take up conditions related to pregnancy (like nausea), dizziness, asthma, chronic conditions, dental procedures, etc. Then, there are several states that consider the practice of acupuncture illegal. With so many complications, practices do not have the time or the energy to consider state-specific rules and regulations, as well as HIPAA compliance. Under such duress, many practitioners tend to rely on third-party billing. The catch is that few understand the intricate complexities associated with alternative medications. At SMB, we are abreast with the weekly changing codes, state-wise rules and regulations, as well as HIPAA guidelines relating to Acupuncture. Our precision, knowledge base and experience help practices increase revenue and prevent losses.

With our expertise, clients save on time, manpower and contain mistakes that are made, reducing appeals and re-filing, thus saving thousands of dollars that are lost each year. Thus, we have helped clients increase overall revenue. Get started as soon as possible will make sure that a practice is efficient and effective in its revenue management and billing process.

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