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Every medical practice needs administration of financial transactions, which are a product of medical happenstances between the practice and patients, facility, and/or supplier. These transactions include the whole plethora of billing essentials such as payer contracting, provider enrollment, coding, data analytics, management, and compliance. Partnering with SMB helps practice simplify their billing and identify new revenue opportunities. We provide the consultation, expertise, and resources to help medical practices achieve their financial goals. With wide range of experience in revenue cycle management, our dedicated teams collaborate to optimize billing processes and healthcare technology. We focus on improving key performance indicators with data analysis, denial management, and outstanding A/R follow-up. Our revenue services team integrates with the practice, and functions as an extension of the practice through constant communication and collective technology access, making finances always transparent. We proactively figure out methods to improve clean claim rates. We ensure that billing and collections will have the constancy needed to be able to realize the expenses and operations of the practice.

Our dedicated team of billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders operate practice’s billing from the minute a patient checks-in to the back-end billing after the appointment. In short, we’re here to help medical practitioners improve productivity, keep claims coming in, increase revenue and cut administrative tasks.

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