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SMB understand that medical billing involves extensive work and tracking of bills. Backlogs are created and cleanup is essential to maintain transparency in records. SMB’s trained staff and experts skillfully take up cleanup projects and clear up the accounts with diligence so that claims are paid at the proper time.

We work by accessing the client Health Source Information Systems and follow client policies and procedures to settle outstanding insurance balances. The brilliance of our staff lies in the fact that that they understand the various payor types so that our clients are reimbursed effectively and efficiently. We have extensive information on various factors that affect your accounts receivable and we use our tactical information to help your AR department clear up their claims.

The idea is to clean up your old accounts so that you can concentrate on exigent claims that require your immediate attention. We will also ensure that the low account balances will not pile-up causing further concerns. Our dedicated experts confirm that clients do not run the risk of reducing cash flow or increasing accounts receivable days, thus clients can focus on daily accounts.

SMB’s systematic assistance in cleaning up your old accounts will increase your overall profitability and improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

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